Discovered hunting zombie sharks off the coast of Spain

Discovered hunting zombie sharks off the coast of Spain

 Losing half of its body, the shark still swims around looking for prey on the ocean floor.

Scientists almost couldn’t believe their eyes after spotting a zombie shark hunting for food. Its body was eaten by almost half of it in the attack of other sharks.

Dr Mario Lebrato believes that this is the shark he brought back to the waters off Spain. But shortly after returning to the ocean, it was attacked by a bull shark weighing up to 400kg.

The black shark tenaciously fought back for 20 minutes to escape this brutal attack.

National Geographic’s clip captures the image of an ocean predator hovering in the water with a torn body like a zombie.

It then discovered a swarm of seals clumping together. It waited until the seals were separated, and with incredible speed, the shark charged with its jaws wide open, revealing hundreds of sharp teeth, tossing the seal into the air, and then too. Fly into the air to grab prey before landing on the water.

Sharks eating sharks is no longer a secret. However, to record these images, National Geographic scientists had to spend a lot of time tracking. The video clips are in the program “Law of the Big Shark”.

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